Wow!! It was a very different book with enthralling storyline and message. I really loved the way author started the story and took it to another level by adding the modern day twists. We can very well connect to the story and feel the need to protect our environment.
The beautiful pictures provides anchor to keep going ahed with the story. Readers end up getting emotionally attached with Lorac for being strong and honest. Qualities of Lorac made us feel shallow, that a century old human is more compassionate about nature and world than us.
A beautiful story.

This is the first book by this Author that I have read. A well written story that makes you stop and think, what more can you do to help our oceans. This is the story of Lorac a man of the ocean, and how important they are to our lifes. Once I started reading I was not putting the book down until I finished reading it. The story is done in parts PART I | 1903, PART II | 1903-2018, and PART III | 2018-2020. The illustrations a beautifully done. I recommend this book.

I recently read a novel about Lorac the Moken. *[The following sentence has been relocated at the end of this review because it contains spoilers. You can read it if you press on “⇨ Read more”]
I really liked this book. It was informative, entertaining, and interesting. My favorite character was Zoe the zooxanthella, but I also liked Heliopora the blue coral.
This book is about climate change, coral bleaching and how to help the world. It may be fiction, but it is a perfect representation of the word we all live in.
* All his family except his oldest brother San Win were killed after eating suicide fruit. Later, he accidentally swallowed Zoe the zooxanthella who offered take him down to the bottom of the sea and give him oxygen. So, he agreed.

A fun read, with the intent to educate us about the ocean and some of it’s occupants.

A wonderfully written tale with gorgeous illustrations and such an impactful message! This book takes you on the journey of Lorac, a young man who loves the sea. In order to avoid any spoilers, I will not go too into detail, but the reader follows the lovable character Lorac in his efforts to save the ocean from pollution and climate change. Though he endures many hardships, he also has quite a bit of fun. The reader not only gets to follow Lorac and his friends on his journey, but they get to hear a powerful message about saving the oceans and the planet. This book is both enjoyable and educational; I hope that Lorac and his message will continue to reach many people.
“I’m with Lorac!”

This is a MUST-READ BOOK! Absolutely fabulous. I read the English translated version, and cannot even properly describe how much I liked it. I couldn’t put the book down! I kept thinking the whole time: “This is genius”, “This should be turned into an animated movie!”. It is a wonderful story that pulls you in immediately. Along the way, it touches on important issues of our time in a fascinatingly new and refreshing way. It is filled with action but, unlike many other modern storytellers, the author has managed to fold in complicated psychological aspects of the characters, thus giving you the opportunity to self reflect. My background is in coral reef ecology and I must say that the book, although fictional, manages to weave in a lot of biological facts and is for that reason very educational. Since “Finding Nemo”, I feel I have not seen/read many stories based on coral reefs and would love to see more. But ocean lover or not, you will not regret reading this book.
The illustrations are beautiful, depicting not only actual reef species (Yeay!), but also the feelings one has when underwater
I have been recommending this book to my friends and so far everyone has loved it!
I am very much looking forward to seeing what Neus Figueras and Evan Piccirillo produce next.