This novel follows the wonderful marine adventures of a young boy named Lorac. It is an engaging and educational read that delivers an important message. It highlights the importance of protecting our oceans in a creative way. The beautiful illustrations help young readers visualize the story better. I like how the author develops the unique plot and the personality of the main character.

Wow what can I say about this book, whilst I’m not used to reading books like this, all I can say is that I am glad I was given the chance to review it.
The main character Lorac, is one of a kind, it shows just how emotional you can get with a character as you go on a journey with them.
I also like the pictures that are in the book, it adds another layer to the story, as you go on a lovely journey with the characters.

This was an exceptionally well written book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading! It’s usually not the type of book that I like to read so I went into it blind, not really sure what to expect. It really blew me way! The author is very knowledgeable about reefs and presented a subject that’s been talked about for a while from a new perspective.
The story is very human, full of loss, pain, angst, but also hope. Lorac goes on a great journey of growth and self discovery and friendship. I kind of wished in the end that it were possible for humans to form that kind of relationship with algae and become super human so to speak.
The ending was bittersweet and the romantic side of me wished that things would’ve ended up differently for Lorac and that we could’ve seen him flourish and thrive in the world outside the ocean and see his efforts of saving his “family” become realized. There was almost a point where I thought it had all been a fantastic dream and he’d wake up and find himself with his family again but this time with more insight. But the story was lovely the way it was. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to read something inspirational and exciting with a good message.

This gorgeously illustrated book is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the soul. It’s written for a younger audience, obviously, and the narrator chooses a simple, conversational style that could appeal to even the youngest of readers (or could at least be read to them). But even as an adult, LORAC is a pleasant and easy read, as entertaining as it is educational (touching on family values, friendship, the importance of a symbiotic ecosystem, and climate change).
Lorac is a young member of the Moken tribe, an unusual group of sea nomads, an unconventional sixth son in a familial structure that traditionally calls for only 5 children, and a really decent kid. I loved how his differences set him apart immediately — his sea-sickness despite his family’s legacy as sailors — and how they evolved to showcase his strengths rather than his weaknesses. As is often the case in coming-of-age stories, an unexpected tragedy quickly pushes him outside of his comfort zone. (This line is gold: “Like most people, Lorac hadn’t really understood life wasn’t forever until he had been at risk.”) And that’s where the adventures and a whole new underwater world of incredible characters come into play.
I especially loved that there’s no Moken word for “goodbye”, by the way… just see you later. And the concept that dolphins are a link between the living and the dead. 🙂

I read Lorac over the weekend, it was enjoyable, something very different and had an educational message.
The writer is definitely an expert in knowing her subject area, and this shines throughout the book, the illustrations were also beautiful and complimented the scenes.
I’m giving five stars as its always refreshing to read something so different, and the message is one we all need to hear!

I’m usually not into many of the sea-based books, but this one was able to keep my attention! A main character who feels that he’s out-of-place and is often forced to adapt to very difficult situations keeps the story interesting. The book also ties into the importance of maintaining the environment while still maintaining the more story-like aspects of the book. Would definitely recommend this to someone looking to read something new and unique!

What an interesting book! I have to admit, at around 15% in, I got a little skeptical, what with the fantasy element of this book and all. BUT, I kept reading and it really is an excellent book.
This book is a great book to read right now, in fact the world needs a book like this at these times. It follows the story of Lorac, a boy who, at the beginning of the book, suffers several misfortunes that lead to him becoming stranded on an island! Lorac manages to survive, with the help of his new friend, and while this sounds like a typical “stranded on an island” situation–something like “Island of the Blue Dolphins,” I assure you, it’s nothing like that. This book raises important questions and thoughts about climate change and how to stop it. While some of the things that happened really could not happen in real life, everything about climate change and how Lorac strives to stop it is completely true. This is a very important book to read for times like this when climate change is becoming bigger and bigger every day.

Lorac is a fantastic book! It is so beautifully written and everyone should read it. The issues it touches on about our impact on the environment are so important to understand. It’s easy to tell how knowledgeable the author is on this topic. Loracs character is easy to relate to and so inspiring. The book leaves off with such an empowering message.

If any book could start a movement, this one might be it.
The story starts out with some elements that made me think of Disney’s wonderful film, Moana, but then evolves into something quite different. I really wasn’t sure where it was headed and I was surprised several times. I think this could make a nice Pixar film. It deals with themes of family, growing up, independence, and global earth issues.
I’m no marine biologist but as a surfer I spend a lot of time in the ocean. Learning about the corals was so fascinating! At times the story was really depressing, especially reading it right now in the middle of the pandemic. But it was also filled with hope. I enjoyed the fact section at the end, it made a nice addition to the story. Last, the illustrations were beautifully done.

I like stories that have a powerful message, and this one surely does: protect your oceans, protect your planet.
This story follows Lorac, who was was a likeable character and easy to connect with, as he tries to save the oceans from ocean climate change and pollution. This books has lots of likeable characters, Zoe is worth to mention, her fun dialogues and her interactions with Lorac were some of the most enjoyable aspects of this story.
This book comes with with amazing illustrations, a great addition to a nice story.
The only thing I struggled a bit with was the fact that were was a bit of too much info dumping for my liking. Of course, people who’d want to learn more about the ocean and marine creatures will find this aspect really interesting.