This is a MUST-READ BOOK! Absolutely fabulous. I read the English translated version, and cannot even properly describe how much I liked it. I couldn’t put the book down! I kept thinking the whole time: “This is genius”, “This should be turned into an animated movie!”. It is a wonderful story that pulls you in immediately. Along the way, it touches on important issues of our time in a fascinatingly new and refreshing way. It is filled with action but, unlike many other modern storytellers, the author has managed to fold in complicated psychological aspects of the characters, thus giving you the opportunity to self reflect. My background is in coral reef ecology and I must say that the book, although fictional, manages to weave in a lot of biological facts and is for that reason very educational. Since “Finding Nemo”, I feel I have not seen/read many stories based on coral reefs and would love to see more. But ocean lover or not, you will not regret reading this book.
The illustrations are beautiful, depicting not only actual reef species (Yeay!), but also the feelings one has when underwater
I have been recommending this book to my friends and so far everyone has loved it!
I am very much looking forward to seeing what Neus Figueras and Evan Piccirillo produce next.