This was an exceptionally well written book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading! It’s usually not the type of book that I like to read so I went into it blind, not really sure what to expect. It really blew me way! The author is very knowledgeable about reefs and presented a subject that’s been talked about for a while from a new perspective.
The story is very human, full of loss, pain, angst, but also hope. Lorac goes on a great journey of growth and self discovery and friendship. I kind of wished in the end that it were possible for humans to form that kind of relationship with algae and become super human so to speak.
The ending was bittersweet and the romantic side of me wished that things would’ve ended up differently for Lorac and that we could’ve seen him flourish and thrive in the world outside the ocean and see his efforts of saving his “family” become realized. There was almost a point where I thought it had all been a fantastic dream and he’d wake up and find himself with his family again but this time with more insight. But the story was lovely the way it was. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to read something inspirational and exciting with a good message.