What an interesting book! I have to admit, at around 15% in, I got a little skeptical, what with the fantasy element of this book and all. BUT, I kept reading and it really is an excellent book.
This book is a great book to read right now, in fact the world needs a book like this at these times. It follows the story of Lorac, a boy who, at the beginning of the book, suffers several misfortunes that lead to him becoming stranded on an island! Lorac manages to survive, with the help of his new friend, and while this sounds like a typical “stranded on an island” situation–something like “Island of the Blue Dolphins,” I assure you, it’s nothing like that. This book raises important questions and thoughts about climate change and how to stop it. While some of the things that happened really could not happen in real life, everything about climate change and how Lorac strives to stop it is completely true. This is a very important book to read for times like this when climate change is becoming bigger and bigger every day.